Managed services in a cloudy world

​How the cloud and managed services will work together
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Find out what your web browser is telling websites about you

Interested in knowing what information a website has access to about you as soon as you visit a page? Here are a couple of websites that will show you what information you are leaking as you browse the internet.
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Android app security tested by malware and vulnerabilities

Android app security is under attack this week with vulnerabilities in the popular app, AirDroid, and malware that steals Google account authentication tokens.
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Big Data week in review: Integrated features rule

Amazon's re:Invent drove a Big Data news cycle this week, including items emanating from outside the conference. Here's a roll-up of the announcements, and a theme to connect them.
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C-level unclear on governance, risk, and compliance responsibility

A new survey uncovered confusion in the C-suite about governance, risk, and compliance responsibilities and which security compliance requirements may affect companies.
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The factors of an orchestration software purchase

Purchasing orchestration software is not an easy feat. Read here about what factors to look for and considerations to take to benefit your IT system the most.
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Juniper Networks buys cloud management startup AppFormix

AppFormix's software platform leverages streaming analytics and machine learning in a distributed architecture for use in cloud environments.
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Apple blames ‘air’ for iPhone 6s battery problem

Do you have a problem where your iPhone 6s randomly and unexpectedly shuts down for no reason? Apple is blaming air for the issue.
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How and why Microsoft is stepping up its focus on ‘families’ with Windows 10

Windows 10's Home Hub feature set could be a step along Microsoft's long-term goal of making households, and not just workplaces, more productive and connected.
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Citrix DaaS: How to deploy virtual desktops as a service provider

Need a leg up in the desktop-as-a-service market? Citrix offers business resources, marketing assistance and a reference architecture to help service providers get started.
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