NGD says PUE 1.0 claim is a hit with customers

PUE 1.0 may impossible, but it has attracted attention
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NGD Newport now has solar panels on the roof
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NGD has hit back at critics of its claim to have achieved a PUE of 1.0, saying that the marketing tactic is bringing in new customers.

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Apple fails customers

An update on Acunu
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Quiz: IT project management essentials for growing a business

Are you keeping your project pipeline in check? Review our recent stories and take our quiz to assess your knowledge of IT project management essentials.
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Mobile devices could end retail’s ‘race to the bottom’ on Black Friday

Industry watchers say retailers need to exploit mobile devices and community forums to end the race to the bottom of deep discounting.
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The on-premises vs. cloud-based ERP debate may soon be moot

Despite migration and security fears among companies, the adoption of popular SaaS modules like accounting and human capital management is fueling interest in cloud-based ERP.
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What is Data Domain Boost and what is it used for?

SearchDataBackup Senior Site Editor Andrew Burton explains what EMC's Data Domain Boost software is designed for, how it works, and which products it supports in this Expert Answer.
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Hosted private cloud fills void for some enterprises

Public and private cloud models don't work for every enterprise. But those enterprises can choose a managed cloud for its many support levels and services.
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SN blogs: Rapid application development central to mobile users

SN blogs: This week, analysts discuss Progress Software's use of rapid application development and review a tool small businesses can use to protect their data.
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Small businesses need DaaS-friendly Windows licensing

Recent Windows licensing changes don't make it any easier for small shops to do DaaS because there's still no SPLA for the desktop OS and multi-tenancy is a no-no.
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Microservices is more than a buzzword

However you define 'microservices architecture,' the term should be on IT professional's radar -- it's how applications are being built.
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