Apple Watch: Its time will come

After using the Apple Watch for a month, I can say it has a few moments of early brilliance but will need more apps before it's a must-have.

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Internet projects avoid Brazil budget cuts

Digital inclusion plan and development of the country's satellite have been spared

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Unisys enters the software-defined data center market with Intel-based Dorado systems

Unisys launches its long-awaited Dorado ClearPath 8300 Intel-based systems to enable its clients to enter the software-defined data center in a big way.

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AT&T to begin selling LG G Pad F 8.0 Android tablet on May 29

The new device will run the latest version of Android, 5.0 Lollipop, but does the LG name justify a higher price than AT&T's own branded tablet with similar specs?

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BLU Win HD LTE hands-on: An affordable dual SIM Windows Phone that exceeds expectations

While browsing through the Microsoft Store I stumbled across a Windows Phone priced at just $199. It turns out that the BLU Win HD LTE impressed me over the past week and is a device to consider.

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Huawei to build subsea cables connecting Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand

Stretching 1,300 kilometers, the project marks the first landing of a large high-speed subsea cable network for Cambodia.

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Encryption for Everyone: The free service that will change how you think about security

For most people, encryption is seen as too hard to use, a bit niche, or something for the 'tin foil hat' brigade. A German project's hoping to change all that.

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Lessons from a Sydney cryptoparty

When ordinary citizens in a modern democracy start taking precautions against government and corporate surveillance, it's time for a re-think.

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Lollipop brought the looks, now M needs to update Android’s innards

A new Android release is due, and despite Lollipop's improvements, Google still has work to do.

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Netezza Replication Environments and nzhostbackup or nzhostrestore

According to the IBM documentation, it’s not possible to backup and restore a replicated environment because this would break the replication. The /nz/data contains replication information, and the worst aspect of it all is that in the event of restoring a backup, the replication information would be overwritten, breaking the replication.

Perhaps IBM should be looking to move the replication data from the /nz/data and separating it where possible from the Netezza data as a means to keep it isolated ?

Question When running in a Netezza replicated environment, if you attempt to run a hostbackup from a node you will see the following error. nzhostbackup: Error: Host backup/restore is not supported on replicated nodes Cause nzhostbackup: Error: Host backup/restore is not supported on replicated nodes In a replication environment the backup and restoring of the NPS host catalog using ‘nzhostbackup’ & ‘nzhostrestore’ is not supported outside of rare circumstances (ex. migration to a different model system). The reason behind this is because the future restore of an older host backup on an active replication system will never be consistent on all of the replication catalog tables, such as those that contain the CSN.

Answer At a high level, this is a restriction put in place to protect

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