Adobe pushes new open standard for cloud-based digital signatures

The Cloud Signature Consortium will aim to build a global network of industry contributors who will work together to create new standard specifications for cloud-based digital signatures.
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New laptop tech combines GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G LTE onto single antenna

A UK company has found a way to avoid interference from the signals of various antennas and hopes to work with Sony to manufacture its antenna, which could save space and boost battery life in laptops.
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​Open-source Microsoft protocol aims to be a programming standard

Codenvy, Microsoft, and Red Hat have announced they are adopting a universal Language Server Protocol for integrated development environments.
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Data centers becoming more energy efficient, thanks in part to cloud computing

While there's room for improvement, a new federal report should help put to rest concerns that energy usage from data centers is getting out of hand.
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A hacker is advertising millions of stolen health records on the dark web

The dark web seller has four batches of data, going for close to $1 million in bitcoin.
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Google, Viacom win appeal in lawsuit over children’s privacy

In a setback for consumers seeking more privacy online, an appeals court largely sided with Google and Viacom over their use of cookies on a children's website.
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Microsoft pays $10,000 to unwilling Windows 10 updater

Microsoft dropped its appeal of a suit brought against the company by a user unhappy with the results of her Windows 10 update experience. Will other similar suits follow?
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Intel reportedly considering selling its security business

New reports suggest that Intel may be looking into selling off its security business and experts are unclear on whether it means Intel's McAfee acquisition has gone sour.
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NASCAR race team hit with ransomware attack

Hit by a ransomware attack, a NASCAR race team paid to restore data worth millions, then called on Malwarebytes to secure their systems - and Malwarebytes joined up as a sponsor.
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Do I still need backup software applications?

With ever more powerful primary storage, why is backup still relevant? In this feature, storage expert George Crump explores the business case for backup applications.
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