Future ink: Tech Tats are smart biowearables for your skin

Why embed electronics under the skin when you can wear them in the form of an intelligent, connected tattoo on your skin?

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Red Hat cloud buoyed by Ansible buy, Microsoft partnership

The acquisition of automation platform Ansible and a partnership to run its services on Microsoft Azure highlight a busy month of bolstering for the Red Hat cloud strategy.
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Oracle, Tencent sign deal on cloud computing in China

Oracle and China-based Internet service provider Tencent signed a nonbinding agreement for Oracle to use Tencent's online portals to offer Oracle cloud services in that country.
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Expert witness in Oracle-Google lawsuit called into question

In the Oracle vs. Google court case over the use of Java APIs, Oracle claimed an expert witness appointed by the judge to assess potential legal damages isn't impartial.
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Facebook stops syncing contacts on Android phones, BlackBerry 10 still best for communications

For efficient and reliable communications, nothing beats a BlackBerry 10 OS device. Android and iOS Facebook contact syncing has issues.

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Fossil Q Founder Android Wear watch goes on sale this week for $275

The Intel Atom-powered wearable looks like a traditional watch but doesn't have an exhorbitant price tag. The reach of Fossil's brand could help raise awareness of Google's Android Wear platform.

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Joyent CTO talks Docker containers and the work ahead in 2016

Joyent bet big on containers to compete in the cloud market, and the company's CTO Bryan Cantrill has plenty to say about the state of containers and what needs to change.
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Cisco launches open tech for containerized applications

Cisco has launched an open source project, called Contiv, to build technology that automates the use of security, storage and networking in cloud-based containerized applications.
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What makes long-distance vMotion different?

Long-distance vMotion eliminates practical geographical limitations by raising the round-trip latency limit.
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2016 channel events listings

When making 2016 travel plans, refer to this list of channel events -- including conferences hosted by IT vendors, distributors, industry organizations, and vendors that cater exclusively to VARs and MSPs.
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